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Transformational Coaching

• Obliterate Mental Blocks • Know Your Life Purpose • Boost Self Love

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Want To Live Your Deepest Purpose?

Gain clarity on your goals

Overcome procrastination

Conquer stress

Grow your business

Create an empowering morning ritual

Maximize your health and wellness

Head Coach

Deepesh Tailor (Coach Deep)

I am an experienced coach who has over 10 years of experience working in a variety of areas. I am committed to helping others overcome their blocks and to create the lives they love.  I have studied and specialized in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Methodology used by Tony Robbins, Landmark Education, Shamanic practices, Tantra, Motivational Interviewing, Frontline Leadership Training, Social Skills Training, Substance Abuse Counseling and Coaching. I have developed extensive knowledge about optimizing health and wellness and have run a health and wellness blog.  I have coached people from many backgrounds including business executives, business owners, college students, mental health and addictions clients and prisoners. 
I have experience on the business-front running multiple E-Commerce stores, running Facebook ads, a Kindle publishing business and an Amazon Business. 


Free Consultations Available To Those Who Qualify 

Evidence-Based and Results Focused Approach

Support That Will lead to Transformation

Sat on the Rocks

Transformational Group/Team Coaching and Workshops

Optimize your Team for results, morale and 

Bridge Over River

Holistic Mindfulness-based Business/Executive/Life Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

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Real transformation    requires a safe


That's what I create for you.

Coach Deep

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